Hi! I’m Angie, a drummer and Women’s Studies professor. DrummerGirl Days was inspired by the DrummerGirls United Facebook Page and Tammy Mitchell-Woods. Here, I will share what it means to me to be a working drummergirl in the modern world, warts and all. I will also be participating in a never-ending loop of the #100DayPracticeChallenge to motivate my drumming as I head to Seattle to join the band Below Blackstar

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Visit the Blog to keep updated and to post your own kit pics. Whether on a pad, a bucket, or full acoustic kit; whether practicing rudiments or an original composition, I strive to encourage drummergirls to commit or recommit to daily practice. 10 minutes or 10 hours? It all counts!

Also, if you don’t know about TomTom Magazine, the only magazine dedicated to women in percussion, check it out. 

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