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Day #2

Hi drummergirls!

So, today, #day2 of the #100daypracticechallenge and I’m starting with a warm-up exercise to develop my left hand, which is much weaker than my right. I mean…yikes. It. is. slow. But, I’ve been really digging Jared Falk’s lessons on Drumeo and the below YouTube video has helped me get over my ego and begin to develop some necessary skills on drums. Even if I only have time to fit in one warm-up today, I feel like I am still chipping away at my goal to get on the kit more regularly. This is my #drumgoal for the week, alongside kit/limb independence. Actually, those are my #drumgoals for my lifetime! What are you working on today?


  • Serena

    Haha! I struggled with that really bad when I came back to drumming. Felt like my left side was stuck in molasses… my left side is still weak, but thankfully- it’s improved. (I like Jared’s 10 mins a day for 10 days… that seems doable!)

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