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Day #6

I was able to go to the band’s rehearsal space and try the new songs around the acoustic kit, which takes more time warming up with than I’d like after playing so much on an electric kit away from home. That means when I rock at home, my nerves get the best of me and I can barely flam in front of them correctly! Sheesh. The kit is also in dire need of new heads, but is the “house” set for the various previous drummers in the band. Here’s hoping I can bring my own practice kit up to the city when we move and stay with these three new amazing people I’ve met whose influences are as eclectic as my own. I will share details as soon as I have their permission to do so! The picture is from the room we rent that I was able to get into (feeling completely safe) just before midnight – I made it just in time for #daysix #dailypractice #100daypracticechallenge in the midst of writing my new book (details soon).

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