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Day #9

Has anyone ever gone to drum camp? Which one? Did you like it? I’m thinking about Ladies Rock Camp in Seattle or camp with the innovative¬†Mike Johnston. I’m SO nervous thinking about joining in a camp without knowing all of my rudiments by memory (all 40 that is) and being surrounded by so many amazing drummers who will feel held back by my skill level. However, one of my goals this year is to push through that mental hang-up and improve–which means challenging myself both emotionally and physically! Being around people really turns the pressure up to eleven and the adrenaline rush to play “correctly” is a good thing to confront to become a comfortable and confident live player. We’ll see! Anyway, when I was walking into the rehearsal space, I noticed a David Liebe Hart poster and felt nostalgic for the night I played with punk-poet-chanteuse¬†¬†Meri St. Mary in Northern California; she was one of the opening acts and invited me on stage to accompany her to “Fight Like a Girl.” I only have this 15 second footage from the night, but it’s a fun reminder!


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