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Day #11

Has anyone read the Times article about the history of Zildjian cymbals? Let’s talk gear for a moment. I’m a TAMA girl, through and through. I have a red Superstar which enabled me to get the drums, hardware, and durability I wanted without spending an exorbitant amount of money. My dream kit currently is the Star Bubinga 5-piece. Keep dreaming. Still, I prefer the┬ádark, deep sound and extensive tom options of TAMA. For cymbals; I’ve only had Zildjians, starting on a ZBT pack and working my way (over a period of years) to my current set-up: A-Custom 18′ crash, Avedis ride, Sweet K 16′ crash (in love with it), New Beat hi-hats, and an A-Custom 18′ China. 5A nylon-tip Vic Firth sticks with grip tape wrapped to about half the length. I have CooperGrooves coming in the mail soon, as they were recommended by Tammy Mitchell-Woods to reduce hand sweat and increase playing duration. We’ll see! What gear do you like? Hardware? Pedals? Blocks?

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