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Day #12

In my bag above: 5A nylon tips, my practice 2B with rubber tips, my computer–because I lost the iPhone attachment for my lightning cable that enables directly plugging in headphones–and Vic Firth noise-cancelling headphones.

Another late night/early mornin’ rehearsal practice jam. Sleep is not first priority, but I’m working on finding a balance. I didn’t warm up for very long, but instead let myself work on slowly building speed to a softer song than what I normally play. I was able to successfully improv around three different tunes and was DRENCHED after about an hour. It felt good to just let myself feel the music and not worry about how sweaty I was (seriously, toweling off my face) or what faces I was making in a way I think is easier for guys to do than girls. At least, that’s my experience. There is a lot of concern about what we *look* like versus what we *sound* like. I’ll be packing up my electric kit in the next few days to head back “home” before making the move to Seattle final. Woohoo! What are you working on? #drummergirldays

Here’s a link to a SoundCloud PJ Harvey playlist I have fun with around the kit: Click here.


Who are your influences?

(—> PJ Harvey, WikiCommons)

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