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Day #15

Packing up to go home 🙁 Listening to Primus (our first show in Seattle this summer) while disassembling my electric kit to pack into the car for our drive “home” until returning to Seattle, our new home. Woo! But sad little parts strewn about the floor…saying goodbye to this temporary house-sitting gig is bittersweet. It’s been an amazingly musical summer, when what I thought I’d be here doing (writing) turned into joining a band, coupled with an insatiable need to improve my drumming. But, after two months, I finally started to clean–the day before leaving, of course–and found my original practice pad! So, in between cleaning the kitchen and bedrooms, I set up the practice pad to drum along to songs blasting from the stereo to keep me motivated. Hey, #itcounts


(Les Claypool of Primus by Scott Penner, Flickr)

Goodbye (for now), Seattle!



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