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Day #16

BEAT tired at the end of our first road trip day, but got out the practice pad and set myself up of on the floor of our BnB with sticks, pillow, and pad. Ran through a warm-up, rudiments, one song, and tried my best to grasp sticking patterns within quintuplets as demonstrated by Anika Nilles at 1am. IT STILL COUNTS. #practice #daily #drums

We wound through Washington mountains and beautiful shimmering coastline. Cedars, a sleeping pup in the back seat, a car full of stuff from our #housesittingsummer and snacks all the way into a near-midnight arrival at our first stop. Wore my “Hit Like a Girl” t-shirt for the first time last night and I won’t lie; it felt good.

Working on a short piece about the new Netflix docu-series Marching Orders for TomTom Magazine and figuring out what my 30s feel like now after my birthday–which was full of music, food, love, and Ingmar Bergman.

Thinking about how to balance my days between writing (new material coming out of my book about Sabina Spielrien, the first female analyst) and drumming.

OH, and if you haven’t read this article about Tammy Mitchell-Woods in DRUM! Magazine yet…go read it! She’s featured in their new #WCW (Women Crush Wednesdays) spot.

What are you working on?

(photo WikiCommons; Vladimir_Morozov)

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