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Day #24 and Hydration

Staying hydrated during practice is essential–and something that I consistently forget about. Water? Wine? Cider? No, I’m kidding. I need to do better and treat my #drumbody better!

Today, another late practice, no audience, and a jam session/attempt at System of a Down’s “Chop Suey.” That’s a work-in-progress.

Doubles and single strokes with the goal of not hearing the accents. With my weaker left hand, this used to seem impossible, but I’m finding my way through specific exercises for improvement. I’ve actually made a few different YouTube playlists: one specifically for practice pad warm-ups; another for kit warm-up; and another for play-along tracks of a few songs I’d like to learn and/or challenge my ability. Then there are the staple songs that I play just for the hell and joy of it where I sit comfortably in the pocket. It’s the small things.

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