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Day #28 and Open Mic!

Today is our store’s Open Mic and we have been late-night practicing all week to be able to perform for our first week back after summer vacation. I was able to get a bit of paradiddle practice in on my knee while other performers used up their 15 minutes. Hey, #itcounts

In other news, we’re now on Season 2 of Buffy and the BF is liking it! Spike’s introduction is one of my all-time favorite moments of the series; he’s a great addition and energy shake-up opposite Angel. Dru is as creepy as ever and I’m glad to see the little kid gone. This season builds to an incredible head and I’m pumped for him to enjoy the ride.

Put a few pitches together for TomTom, so we’ll see if anything lands. Wish me luck!

Endometriosis update: while the pain has been impacting the duration of my being able to play, I finally met a doctor who believes me when I tell him how my symptoms make me suffer on a daily basis. He’s agreed to help me fight with my insurance to get an authorization for surgery. This is a monumental step in the right direction. It’s been ten years of doctor visits, ultrasounds, and various birth controls that led to this decision. Since I don’t plan on having children, I am confident that this is right for me. Endometriosis is extremely hard to diagnose, because it takes a special kind of doctor to listen to women’s stories and bodies. #finally

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