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Day #31 and Climbing

Awaiting insurance authorization for my procedure; taking it easy until word comes from the doctor. Until then, step by step. I did make it in to the store to practice 4 songs, warm-up for about 10 minutes with single and double-stroke rolls, and attempted to create fills with triplets filling 16th notes. In my attempt to ease the pain with Advil, I accidentally dropped one and my puppy, before I could pick it back up, ate it! So, we took him into the vet and while everything is fine now, we do have to administer antibiotics every few hours through the night. The little baby. He’s a trooper, though, and it’s clear he’s grown up with a dummer, because he still curls up on a blanket near my feet when I’m at home on the electric kit–which I hook up to an external speaker; I’m working on the delay (a few seconds from hit to sound), but it’s been a good late night option. Our neighbors have requested no acoustic after 9:00pm. For a night owl like me, that’s often difficult to do, so I’m also working on soundproofing the “studio” (which is also the bedroom and bathroom). Onward!

(Chase N. on Flickr provided the decked-out pad pic.)

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