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Day #32 and Night Owls

Well, I’ve officially become a night owl insomniac. I’ve been skirting this diagnosis for about fifteen years now, but with the 4am habit I developed while on vacation in Seattle, it’s cemented into a part of my life. I’ve been using the extra time at night to play; my pain seems to reduce as the day fades away and I can finally sit at the kit. Hot flashes are becoming less frequent post-ovulation, so even though I haven’t been practicing as much as I should be, I definitely feel progress with the band’s four songs, two that I’m learning for next week’s Open Mic, and noticing an improvement in my double-to paradiddle strokes in the way of speed. Woo! #itcounts

I’ve also been on a Michael Jackson Bad kick of nostalgia and still think “Dirty Diana” is one of the best songs ever recorded! When I was fifteen, this song (alongside Prince’s “Darling Nikki”) was everything. 


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