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Day #36 and am I ever getting better?

Alright, so, I think that whole creating a To-Do list of things to practice from the chaos of overwhelm was productive; however, actually sticking to my ideas and print-outs and lessons has proven difficult. Today marks a day of doubt. Am I ever getting better? I think there’s something to be said about putting in the time for daily practice. But I wonder if practicing the same thing every night for the same amount of time without putting in the time to go over one exercise for a duration is actually improving my skills or if it is allowing me to simply remain at my current level without backsliding. But then I saw Anika Nilles’ post on Instagram and a comforting reminder that “who sounds good at practicing doesn’t really practice.” YES.

Something I learned last night: coffee before practice does not work for me! I was super jittery and unable to hit certain fills that are usually no problem. Back to water!

In other news, I have successfully warmed up with 1 lb ankle weights twice this week and can already tell a difference in strength and speed. Thanks, Gene Hoglan!

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