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Day #37 and Office Breaks

Alright, with a borrowed practice pad and a stand, I’ve officially set up–theoretically–an office that allows for turning around to practice rudiments during breaks. Now, I haven’t actually put this to the test yet, because our cat threw up all over the office and I never made it in there. You might be wondering why I didn’t just move the practice pad and stand to the kitchen table where I had set up shop for the day. But that would have defeated the purpose of creating a practice space in the office; ah, the excuses we make for no reason at all. Today, my goal is to take ten minute breaks every hour to get up out of my chair and away from my screen to run through a few exercises. This should, hopefully, also help my eyes and my body, since I tend to get engrossed in work and sit in the same position for an unhealthy period of time. Looking forward!

Also, shout out to #picsart and to #vater (I’ve completely made the switch over to their grip tape).

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