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Day #43 and Viola Smith

Viola Smith will be 105 years old this November and was one of the first professional female drummers. In 1939, she can be seen playing with the Coquettes.

Her recommendations? Drumming, reading, wine. Three out of three for me today and it feels fine. The Grant Marie Winery makes amazing reds and just came out with a special “Raydar” blend named for their dog, consisting of mostly Cab. Loving it. For reading, I’ve felt a need to take a break from my heavy research and teaching life for some brain candy and went with Carol Goodman’s River Road. I usually don’t like “genre” fiction, but find her suspense novels compelling and her female-centric narratives relatable. I don’t know if it’s my favorite Goodman (having just finished The Seduction of Water which delved into the Irish folklore, history, and mythology), but I’m going to stick it out to the end before turning back to academic writing.

I actually “cooled down” which I never do, preferring to simply stop when I’m tired. However, I noticed a nice relaxing in my joints and muscles when I took about 5 minutes to run through some rudiments on my practice pad at a slower speed with a lighter hit. I made a bit of progress with my cymbal work on the band’s songs and am still trying to get out of my comfort zone when playing different time signatures. I am not practicing as much as I would like–still feeling as thought I am maintaining rather than improving, but hey, #itcounts. Also, I’m feeling a bit down and PMS symptoms are running rampant (hot flashes, lethargic, craving chocolate), but I know I always feel better when I’m on the kit.

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