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Day #47 and Marilyn Manson

Yes, that’s right. Marilyn Manson. Hear me out: I played along to the entire Antichrist Superstar album, reliving the angst of my youth with extra verve! Actually, this album was challenging, energetic, varied in time signatures and pacing, and just plain fun to play along to for over an hour. It also made me really pay attention to hydration and dynamics, allowing for increased endurance and stamina. I recommend playing along to an entire album without stopping, once warmed up (and before a cool down), preferably one that you’re familiar with and one that challenges you to switch it up frequently. I utilized my hi-hat, my tambourine (yes, I’m obsessed), my ride, and was able to incorporate more tom work than usual. #itcounts

What full-length album has been a surprising treat to play to lately for you?

(Photo, Andreas Lawen, Fotandi)

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