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Day #50 and Half-way mark

Things I’ve learned during the #100DayPracticeChallenge now that I’m halfway to the goal:

Hydration can make or break a practice (and the day’s endurance); while this should be obvious, it’s actually one of my weakest spots

-Even when I don’t feel like getting on the throne, I ALWAYS feel better once I do

Focusing on a few warm-up exercises and one lesson each week aids progression; less is more in this regard so that I don’t get overwhelmed and end up simply bashing around the kit in an A.D.D. mania without actually improving

-Never overestimate repetition 

Ankle weights increase speed after only a few days’ use

Stretching before practice and after practice does a body good

My new go-to jam song: The Beatles “She’s So Heavy” – seriously, there is so much room to play around.

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