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Day #51 and Pushing through Pain

Sometimes your body just needs a rest. Sometimes, being down for the count is just that: your body needing time to heal and recuperate. Sometimes, “pushing through” is not to be commended or encouraged; but listening and paying attention and resting when you need it is what we should appreciate and applaud. Today, my body is in pain and it’s time to rest. Living with a chronic issue like endometriosis requires patience and the courage to say, “Toughing it out is not heroic. Resting is not cowardly.” Especially in women, it feels as though we are taught from such a young age to smile through our pain, to keep on keepin’ on, to appear as if we can do it all, regardless of how we feel. Today, I am going to drum some paradiddles on the car dashboard when my partner picks me up and takes me home.




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