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Day #52 and the Warm-Up Routine

Well, I think I’ve got it down to a nice 25 minutes. I find that I need to stretch first before launching into a warm-up routine on the practice pad, which I set on my snare. I usually move my legs to quarter-note beats with ankle weights while running through Drumeo’s “Best Routine” for the practice pad–which I like to start off with my lead hand and then switch to my left. Then, I go into the Intermediate warm-up (5 minutes) before playing a song or two and “jamming out,” which usually means pushing what I’m capable of doing and messing up a lot, but having tons of fun and learning as I go. Then, I’ll take off the weights and play the band’s set all-out (energy-wise) before a cool down. This has been working well for me the past few nights and amounts to about a two-hour practice. #itcounts

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