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Day #57 and The Secret History

So, I was able to get some issues out on the practice pad and that’s about it. I’m waiting for my pre-op appointment to determine which route we’re going: laparoscopic surgery to explore what the heck is going on inside. Possible partial hysterectomy (2 week recovery; keeping the ovaries). BUT, when all else fails, #drum. I hit the practice pad, set atop my snare and focused on the metronome, nothing else. 80bpm, really concentrating on breathing and left hand exercises. Nothing too fast, nothing too involved. Just meditative flow and repetition. I’m working on being precise even when slow (especially when slow) and really learning how to switch back and forth between doubles and paradiddles and singles. Let’s do this.

For the resting period: reading Donna Tartt’s The Secret History finally after it’s been recommended to me about 100 times. I was on a classic kick for a long while, but have been delving into contemporary fiction. I absolutely adored getting to know Zadie Smith and Paul Beatty (and promptly read each respective oeuvre) and caught up on a few cult hits like Amber Tamblyn’s astonishing Any Man. Will Tartt live up to her hype? I hope so!

(Photo by Mat Hampson)

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