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Day #77 and Packing it Up

Sticks are allowed on planes! Did you know? Packed my Ahead practice pad into my carry-on with a pair of 5A Firths outfitted in grip tape and paradiddled my way around the airport awaiting our flight to and from Dublin. Caught a gnarly bug on the way home, but ready to get back to work! Prepping for a new Myth class on the history of women in percussion (starting with Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia! More to follow) and looking forward to feeling my way back onto the acoustic kit. I can tell that my wrist will be sore and my limbs are full of delicious Irish Stew. Beautiful green landscapes, love, Claddagh rings, the Cliffs of Moher, and cobble-stoned streets. Dublin was perfection: friendly, colorful, full of medieval lore and museums, and we even got to peek at the Book of Kells! James Joyce-inspired strolls. Galway was also a dream: swans around the Claddagh Bay, a romantic little French restaurant adorned with real candles and red leather couches amid French music and charcuterie; bodhrán drums (click to watch traditional music in a pub) in the pubs (always got me dancing), and a few pints of Bulmers cider. A day trip to Bloomsbury in London to visit Persephone Books, take a Mrs. Dalloway walk, and watch a riveting play (The Woman in Black). Much needed time away, almost too attached to leave! Ficheiro:177-Bodhran-Hinnerk-Ruemenapf-0037-p70.jpg

Note for next time: I am definitely going to utilize the TSA Pre-Check and the Global Traveler. Applying tomorrow. Those lines and wait times for re-entry are ridiculous. Three hours early and BARELY made it back.

[Hinnerk R, Hinnerk Ruemenapf, photo]

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