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    Hiatus Over: My Lessons with Gary Chaffee, Anika Nilles, and More

    I achieved my first #100daypracticechallenge and immediately lapsed into endomeotriosis overdrive. Dealing with an illness while attempting to work, drum, be in relationship, sell a house, and move to a new city can make anyone a bit crazy. I took the time I needed to recover, am finally living in Seattle, and working on a new book (female archetypes in film; details soon). I am also resolved not to let the very misinformed press influence my book; I created a new website for Sabina Spielrein and will be updating it soon in hopes of reclaiming her (any my own) narrative. An amazingly insightful review was given in the Oxford University…

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    Day #58 and the Home Set-Up

    Upstairs loft: electric kit with speaker so that Bass and i can play together. I get super into the funky pre-set beats when I jam by myself and love the Simmons simplicity. I haven’t yet found the best way to fix the delay that happens between hit and sound through the speaker, but I do love that I can play this and warm-up at any hour. 12:15 AM and while it doesn’t provide me with the acoustic catharsis of my set or transfer actual skills, I do appreciate being able to sit and focus and move in familiar patterns. I also had my Oncology appointment today: about ten tubes of…

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    Day #55 and the Search for my Grandmother

    Gwendolyn Anderson was her name. She was born in 1929 and died in 1959. My dad was 9. The circumstances surrounding her death are mysterious and I am on a mission to uncover the truth. I think Gwendolyn is such a beautiful name. During my search, I am listening to a playlist from 1959, including “What I’d Say” by Ray Charles. This is my current #drumspiration during the journey.

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    Day #52 and the Warm-Up Routine

    Well, I think I’ve got it down to a nice 25 minutes. I find that I need to stretch first before launching into a warm-up routine on the practice pad, which I set on my snare. I usually move my legs to quarter-note beats with ankle weights while running through Drumeo’s “Best Routine” for the practice pad–which I like to start off with my lead hand and then switch to my left. Then, I go into the Intermediate warm-up (5 minutes) before playing a song or two and “jamming out,” which usually means pushing what I’m capable of doing and messing up a lot, but having tons of fun and…

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    Day #50 and Half-way mark

    Things I’ve learned during the #100DayPracticeChallenge now that I’m halfway to the goal: –Hydration can make or break a practice (and the day’s endurance); while this should be obvious, it’s actually one of my weakest spots -Even when I don’t feel like getting on the throne, I ALWAYS feel better once I do –Focusing on a few warm-up exercises and one lesson each week aids progression; less is more in this regard so that I don’t get overwhelmed and end up simply bashing around the kit in an A.D.D. mania without actually improving -Never overestimate repetition  –Ankle weights increase speed after only a few days’ use –Stretching before practice and…

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    Day #49 and Open Mic Take 3

    Alright, tonight is Open Mic again and for one reason or another, we’ve backed out of playing each time. This week, no excuses! We have a tight three songs and a jam plan…I’ve got my hi-hat Max-roach inspired flow ready to go. Very little sleep…let’s see what happens!

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    Day #48 and the Maiden King

    Day’s inspiration: The Maiden King: The Reunion of Masculine and Feminine by Robert Bly and Marion Woodman. I’ll admit, I haven’t actually read Bly’s half of the book, because I am such a fan of Woodman’s writing. So far, through interpretation of a Russian folktale (“The Maiden Tsar/King”), she speaks to the necessity of transforming one’s relationship to inner femininity and masculinity–qualities that have come to be polarized and genderized and made into cartoonish stereotypes in our society. Woodman speaks to one’s personal balance. An old professor of mine used to talk about masculine and feminine aspects in terms of yang and yin (respectively) to remove them from the baggage with which…

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    Day #47 and Marilyn Manson

    Yes, that’s right. Marilyn Manson. Hear me out: I played along to the entire Antichrist Superstar album, reliving the angst of my youth with extra verve! Actually, this album was challenging, energetic, varied in time signatures and pacing, and just plain fun to play along to for over an hour. It also made me really pay attention to hydration and dynamics, allowing for increased endurance and stamina. I recommend playing along to an entire album without stopping, once warmed up (and before a cool down), preferably one that you’re familiar with and one that challenges you to switch it up frequently. I utilized my hi-hat, my tambourine (yes, I’m obsessed), my ride, and was…

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    Day #46 and Stretching

    I finally have a stretching habit down–it only took a few years! But seriously, I’ve learned the power of a good stretch before playing a set and it is VITAL to wrists, ankles, fingers, endurance, and physical health. I usually follow this video (I don’t actually play a video to stretch, but I follow these ideas) before warming up on my practice pad. Played a solid 2 1/2 hours with great energy and felt just fine–if drenched in sweat. Having fun on #day46.

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    Day #45 and The Fabulous Stains

    The Fabulous Stains. Diane Lane! Laura Dern! 1980, never given wide release. Saved by the indie circuit art-house scene in the mid-80s and revived during Riot Grrrl DIY culture that celebrated women’s (and girl’s) history in music. Written by Nancy Dowd, the credits read “Rob Morton,” apparently due to the fact that Dowd was unhappy with the final cut and editing of the film. It mixes punk rock, satire, badass girls, and attitude in its depiction of a teenage girl band in the late 1970s. While it is an uneven film in tone with some questionable scenes and spotty cinematography, I do think it is an underrated in its intention; meaning, I think…