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    Day #77 and Packing it Up

    Sticks are allowed on planes! Did you know? Packed my Ahead practice pad into my carry-on with a pair of 5A Firths outfitted in grip tape and paradiddled my way around the airport awaiting our flight to and from Dublin. Caught a gnarly bug on the way home, but ready to get back to work! Prepping for a new Myth class on the history of women in percussion (starting with Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia! More to follow) and looking forward to feeling my way back onto the acoustic kit. I can tell that my wrist will be sore and my limbs are full of delicious Irish Stew. Beautiful green landscapes,…

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    Day #41 and Driving to the Muse

    So, while I’m still waiting for the Muse to strike as a continuation of yesterday’s existential crisis/rant, I have at least attempted to talk about it openly with BF. I think when we harbor our insecurities or hold things close to the vest, they can fester. Tonight, at 10:29PM, I am going to drive myself over the bookstore’s kit (since 9pm is the drum curfew as decreed by our neighbors and I really feel like some noise right now) to practice. We all have our off days. But maybe it’s just about pressin’ play on Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and improvising around the set. Why not? #drumdaymonday