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    Hiatus Over: My Lessons with Gary Chaffee, Anika Nilles, and More

    I achieved my first #100daypracticechallenge and immediately lapsed into endomeotriosis overdrive. Dealing with an illness while attempting to work, drum, be in relationship, sell a house, and move to a new city can make anyone a bit crazy. I took the time I needed to recover, am finally living in Seattle, and working on a new book (female archetypes in film; details soon). I am also resolved not to let the very misinformed press influence my book; I created a new website for Sabina Spielrein and will be updating it soon in hopes of reclaiming her (any my own) narrative. An amazingly insightful review was given in the Oxford University…

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    Day #26 and Creating Structure from Chaos!

    So, I’ve been hopping around like a maniac as far as practice routines and warm-up exercises go. Not entirely a bad thing, as long as practice is being had, but it feels as though I’m not so much improving as I am jumping from one thing to the next without concentration. I decided to create a structure to my warm-ups. I don’t want to completely take spontaneity out of practice, and I will always love playing along to random tracks and tunes, but I also need to focus. Therefore: I printed out my favorite practice pad and kit independence warm-up exercises that, combined, total about half an hour, if played through only once–which means…

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    Day #16

    BEAT tired at the end of our first road trip day, but got out the practice pad and set myself up of on the floor of our BnB with sticks, pillow, and pad. Ran through a warm-up, rudiments, one song, and tried my best to grasp sticking patterns within quintuplets as demonstrated by Anika Nilles at 1am. IT STILL COUNTS. #practice #daily #drums We wound through Washington mountains and beautiful shimmering coastline. Cedars, a sleeping pup in the back seat, a car full of stuff from our #housesittingsummer and snacks all the way into a near-midnight arrival at our first stop. Wore my “Hit Like a Girl” t-shirt for the first…

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    Day #1

    #100DayPracticeChallenge Day #1! The above kit is not my own, but a dream I’m holding on to. Today, I (Angie) had about half an hour to focus on kit independence to try to get my hi-hat moving out of sync with my bass pedal, which is extremely difficult for me! I’m using a Simmons electric kit (<–) while away from home and listening to Anika Nilles for inspiration and am in awe! Check her out: What’s your #Day1 goal?