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    Day #32 and Night Owls

    Well, I’ve officially become a night owl insomniac. I’ve been skirting this diagnosis for about fifteen years now, but with the 4am habit I developed while on vacation in Seattle, it’s cemented into a part of my life. I’ve been using the extra time at night to play; my pain seems to reduce as the day fades away and I can finally sit at the kit. Hot flashes are becoming less frequent post-ovulation, so even though I haven’t been practicing as much as I should be, I definitely feel progress with the band’s four songs, two that I’m learning for next week’s Open Mic, and noticing an improvement in my…

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    Day #13

    Below Blackstar rehearsal! I was super nervous, because I have been packing and cleaning our house-sitting house and not practicing as much as needed to get these songs tight. That part is on me. BUT, I also can’t wait to show these guys how I sound when I have access to my sturdy acoustic kit with fresh heads. Woo! #drummergirldays #sweatinsummer #practice My goal by the end of the month is to have these songs down and tight; no more relying on an electric kit that I only have partial access to here. Goal: dailypractice #longerhours Brick wall from inside rehearsal space 🙂

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    Day #8

    Fun! I made it to the rehearsal space around 11pm and warmed up with a quick set of single stroke rolls into doubles, into paradiddles, into triplets in a 16th note pattern. Then, I improvised for about 20 minutes, getting the feeling of the acoustic kit back into my hands before launching into some practice songs like “My Sharona” and “Seven Nation Army.” After that, I attempted to play the three new songs I’m learning for the band from memory, though I am definitely weak in this area–remembering certain beats and patterns after hearing a different tune. Ended with a nice loud, sloppy jam, before hi-hat attention for #NewBeatTuesday because…

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    Day #6

    I was able to go to the band’s rehearsal space and try the new songs around the acoustic kit, which takes more time warming up with than I’d like after playing so much on an electric kit away from home. That means when I rock at home, my nerves get the best of me and I can barely flam in front of them correctly! Sheesh. The kit is also in dire need of new heads, but is the “house” set for the various previous drummers in the band. Here’s hoping I can bring my own practice kit up to the city when we move and stay with these three new…