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    Day #58 and the Home Set-Up

    Upstairs loft: electric kit with speaker so that Bass and i can play together. I get super into the funky pre-set beats when I jam by myself and love the Simmons simplicity. I haven’t yet found the best way to fix the delay that happens between hit and sound through the speaker, but I do love that I can play this and warm-up at any hour. 12:15 AM and while it doesn’t provide me with the acoustic catharsis of my set or transfer actual skills, I do appreciate being able to sit and focus and move in familiar patterns. I also had my Oncology appointment today: about ten tubes of…

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    Day #53 and no sleep

    Still, I went into the bookstore to play around to the “Buffy” theme song and spent a little less time warming up/cooling down, so I could still get in a good practice jamming to some jazz and old faves. Got my sweat on, since the a/c hadn’t been turned on all day and it was almost 80 degrees on stage. Fighting something off with a fever of 101, and had hardly any sleep, but really felt like my body wanted to move and be moved after a day of being barely present. It. felt. great. Took some B-12 and Vitamin C and feel like I’m climbing out of this month’s…

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    Day #52 and the Warm-Up Routine

    Well, I think I’ve got it down to a nice 25 minutes. I find that I need to stretch first before launching into a warm-up routine on the practice pad, which I set on my snare. I usually move my legs to quarter-note beats with ankle weights while running through Drumeo’s “Best Routine” for the practice pad–which I like to start off with my lead hand and then switch to my left. Then, I go into the Intermediate warm-up (5 minutes) before playing a song or two and “jamming out,” which usually means pushing what I’m capable of doing and messing up a lot, but having tons of fun and…

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    Day #50 and Half-way mark

    Things I’ve learned during the #100DayPracticeChallenge now that I’m halfway to the goal: –Hydration can make or break a practice (and the day’s endurance); while this should be obvious, it’s actually one of my weakest spots -Even when I don’t feel like getting on the throne, I ALWAYS feel better once I do –Focusing on a few warm-up exercises and one lesson each week aids progression; less is more in this regard so that I don’t get overwhelmed and end up simply bashing around the kit in an A.D.D. mania without actually improving -Never overestimate repetition  –Ankle weights increase speed after only a few days’ use –Stretching before practice and…

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    Day #49 and Open Mic Take 3

    Alright, tonight is Open Mic again and for one reason or another, we’ve backed out of playing each time. This week, no excuses! We have a tight three songs and a jam plan…I’ve got my hi-hat Max-roach inspired flow ready to go. Very little sleep…let’s see what happens!

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    Day #47 and Marilyn Manson

    Yes, that’s right. Marilyn Manson. Hear me out: I played along to the entire Antichrist Superstar album, reliving the angst of my youth with extra verve! Actually, this album was challenging, energetic, varied in time signatures and pacing, and just plain fun to play along to for over an hour. It also made me really pay attention to hydration and dynamics, allowing for increased endurance and stamina. I recommend playing along to an entire album without stopping, once warmed up (and before a cool down), preferably one that you’re familiar with and one that challenges you to switch it up frequently. I utilized my hi-hat, my tambourine (yes, I’m obsessed), my ride, and was…

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    Day #44 and Back to the Beatles

    Ringo Starr: one of the most debated drummers in music (the illustrious Meg White being another). Here’s the thing: playing along to Ringo, I am often more challenged by his metronome-like ability to keep time during quick changes and fast-paced tunes than I am by modern metal songs in 4/4. Ringo’s ride technique and his left-leading fills aside, the energy he brought to some of the most beloved and internationally well-known music in history is incredible. So, here’s to The Beatles! #dailypractice #drumspiration Challenge: Try playing “Long Tall Sally” a few times in a row and tell me it’s not a workout with a smile. (Photo by UPI Telephoto)

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    Day #43 and Viola Smith

    Viola Smith will be 105 years old this November and was one of the first professional female drummers. In 1939, she can be seen playing with the Coquettes. Her recommendations? Drumming, reading, wine. Three out of three for me today and it feels fine. The Grant Marie Winery makes amazing reds and just came out with a special “Raydar” blend named for their dog, consisting of mostly Cab. Loving it. For reading, I’ve felt a need to take a break from my heavy research and teaching life for some brain candy and went with Carol Goodman’s River Road. I usually don’t like “genre” fiction, but find her suspense novels compelling and…

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    Day #42 and Brushes

    A friend gifted a pair of brushes to me; a lovely surprise I found waiting for me on the snare at the store when I went in to practice! I immediately turned on some Jazz Messengers and began to play around with tone and weight around the kit and on the cymbals. Because the store is surrounded by books, it creates both an amazing soundproof and a wall of sound. So, the brushes work very well in such a small space with wooden floors. Usually, I use my regular sticks with Vic Firth headphones for ear protection, but the brushes were so soft and pleasant, I didn’t need to wear…

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    Day #41 and Driving to the Muse

    So, while I’m still waiting for the Muse to strike as a continuation of yesterday’s existential crisis/rant, I have at least attempted to talk about it openly with BF. I think when we harbor our insecurities or hold things close to the vest, they can fester. Tonight, at 10:29PM, I am going to drive myself over the bookstore’s kit (since 9pm is the drum curfew as decreed by our neighbors and I really feel like some noise right now) to practice. We all have our off days. But maybe it’s just about pressin’ play on Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and improvising around the set. Why not? #drumdaymonday