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    Endorsement! CooperGroove Drumsticks!

    Well, I don’t know what to say, except WOO! I have long loved CooperGroove sticks ever since they were recommended by Tammy Mitchell-Woods over on Drummergirls United. I sweat like a beast and these sticks create just the right amount of grip for my hands. I haven’t been shy about posting my love for CooperGroove (they were on my Holiday Wish List over at TomTom Magazine) and guess what? After speaking with the team, I officially endorse the brand as an Artist! I’m so excited…heat is on to keep practicing and improving to represent them well. Rock on! 

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    Day #3

    Gotta get practice in where we can, which for me meant a late night (early morning) session at 2am. Groggy and a bit nuts before bed, but I was able to run through a short warm-up exercise to increase left hand speed, play along to my favorite Sleater-Kinney song, “One Beat” (below), and jam to three new songs I’m learning for Below Blackstar, the Seattle-based band that I recently joined–huzzah! What about you? What day are you on? What did you practice? #day3

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    Day #2

    Hi drummergirls! So, today, #day2 of the #100daypracticechallenge and I’m starting with a warm-up exercise to develop my left hand, which is much weaker than my right. I mean…yikes. It. is. slow. But, I’ve been really digging Jared Falk’s lessons on Drumeo and the below YouTube video has helped me get over my ego and begin to develop some necessary skills on drums. Even if I only have time to fit in one warm-up today, I feel like I am still chipping away at my goal to get on the kit more regularly. This is my #drumgoal for the week, alongside kit/limb independence. Actually, those are my #drumgoals for my lifetime! What…

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    Day #1

    #100DayPracticeChallenge Day #1! The above kit is not my own, but a dream I’m holding on to. Today, I (Angie) had about half an hour to focus on kit independence to try to get my hi-hat moving out of sync with my bass pedal, which is extremely difficult for me! I’m using a Simmons electric kit (<–) while away from home and listening to Anika Nilles for inspiration and am in awe! Check her out: What’s your #Day1 goal?