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    Endorsement! CooperGroove Drumsticks!

    Well, I don’t know what to say, except WOO! I have long loved CooperGroove sticks ever since they were recommended by Tammy Mitchell-Woods over on Drummergirls United. I sweat like a beast and these sticks create just the right amount of grip for my hands. I haven’t been shy about posting my love for CooperGroove (they were on my Holiday Wish List over at TomTom Magazine) and guess what? After speaking with the team, I officially endorse the brand as an Artist! I’m so excited…heat is on to keep practicing and improving to represent them well. Rock on! 

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    Day #55 and the Search for my Grandmother

    Gwendolyn Anderson was her name. She was born in 1929 and died in 1959. My dad was 9. The circumstances surrounding her death are mysterious and I am on a mission to uncover the truth. I think Gwendolyn is such a beautiful name. During my search, I am listening to a playlist from 1959, including “What I’d Say” by Ray Charles. This is my current #drumspiration during the journey.

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    Day #27 and Inspiration!

    Memories of inspiration: MoPop in Seattle was outstanding. Not only did we get to play in the SoundLab, but as members, we got to visit the Pearl Jam exhibit before its official opening. Wow! Big screens with live performances, concert tee-shirts, ephemera, handwritten song lyrics, guitars, clothing, a history of the band swarming in variegated lights. The above picture is a replica of their previous rehearsal space, replete with amps, mic, and Matt Cameron’s DRUM KIT. What a beauty.

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    Day #24 and Hydration

    Staying hydrated during practice is essential–and something that I consistently forget about. Water? Wine? Cider? No, I’m kidding. I need to do better and treat my #drumbody better! Today, another late practice, no audience, and a jam session/attempt at System of a Down’s “Chop Suey.” That’s a work-in-progress. Doubles and single strokes with the goal of not hearing the accents. With my weaker left hand, this used to seem impossible, but I’m finding my way through specific exercises for improvement. I’ve actually made a few different YouTube playlists: one specifically for practice pad warm-ups; another for kit warm-up; and another for play-along tracks of a few songs I’d like to learn and/or…

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    Day #22

    I made it in to the store again tonight around 10pm and had an audience! It was a friend, but still, it was if I couldn’t control my arms and “dynamics” came out at all the same volume (LOUD) and my fills were repetitive. My anxiety took over, which is something I struggle with overcoming, especially in terms of performance and maintaining my normal skill level in front of other people. I don’t smile as I play, either, which as a woman, is perhaps off-putting? I’ve been asked if I’m enjoying myself, which is annoying, since OF COURSE I AM. I get very into the songs I’m playing and I sweat a…

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    Day #21

    Made it in to the store at 10pm! Worked on a new warm-up list of single stroke rolls, doubles, paradiddles, and stick control (thanks to Emmanuelle Caplette) before launching in to three new band songs. I’m working on kit independence and forcing myself to be freer around the kit when the song necessitates improvising. Since I am so Type-A, it’s hard for me to loosen up and just go with my instinct without wanting to hit the beats as they are exactly represented in each song. #work #dailypractice #improvisation

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    Day #20

    Today was another reunion with my practice kit, a red Yamaha semi-cocktail kit that I use for our Open Mics. It’s a kit that can stay on stage throughout the week and my old Zildjian ZBTs adorn each stand. 1am practice and SO WORTH IT. I felt really good warming up on the acoustic kit–one of my first warm ups not on the Simmons electric kit–and I spent almost two hours going over triplet patterns within 16th note fills. I didn’t practice the band songs so much as try to develop and improve my cross-over triplet arms (a la Buddy Rich) that I will be incorporating into one of our odd time…

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    Day #19

    I need recommendations for those menstrual drumming days: alternative seating arrangements, perhaps? Recovering from 4-day road trip, which meant breakfast at 3pm. Sorting through mail, trash, bags, and lots of being in denial about the state of the house. New Vic Firth isolating earplugs to try as I REUNITED with my Tama Silverstar red glitter kit with a new Remo Ambassador coated 14″ head. Woo! Since I took my cymbals with me on vacation, I still need to set up hardware, etc. Why, yes, that is a gigantic “Winona Forever” poster in my room (next to a Bass Scale Wall Chart). I love playing with pic fx, can you tell?…

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    Day #16

    BEAT tired at the end of our first road trip day, but got out the practice pad and set myself up of on the floor of our BnB with sticks, pillow, and pad. Ran through a warm-up, rudiments, one song, and tried my best to grasp sticking patterns within quintuplets as demonstrated by Anika Nilles at 1am. IT STILL COUNTS. #practice #daily #drums We wound through Washington mountains and beautiful shimmering coastline. Cedars, a sleeping pup in the back seat, a car full of stuff from our #housesittingsummer and snacks all the way into a near-midnight arrival at our first stop. Wore my “Hit Like a Girl” t-shirt for the first…

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    Day #12

    In my bag above: 5A nylon tips, my practice 2B with rubber tips, my computer–because I lost the iPhone attachment for my lightning cable that enables directly plugging in headphones–and Vic Firth noise-cancelling headphones. Another late night/early mornin’ rehearsal practice jam. Sleep is not first priority, but I’m working on finding a balance. I didn’t warm up for very long, but instead let myself work on slowly building speed to a softer song than what I normally play. I was able to successfully improv around three different tunes and was DRENCHED after about an hour. It felt good to just let myself feel the music and not worry about how sweaty…