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    Endorsement! CooperGroove Drumsticks!

    Well, I don’t know what to say, except WOO! I have long loved CooperGroove sticks ever since they were recommended by Tammy Mitchell-Woods over on Drummergirls United. I sweat like a beast and these sticks create just the right amount of grip for my hands. I haven’t been shy about posting my love for CooperGroove (they were on my Holiday Wish List over at TomTom Magazine) and guess what? After speaking with the team, I officially endorse the brand as an Artist! I’m so excited…heat is on to keep practicing and improving to represent them well. Rock on! 

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    Hiatus Over: My Lessons with Gary Chaffee, Anika Nilles, and More

    I achieved my first #100daypracticechallenge and immediately lapsed into endomeotriosis overdrive. Dealing with an illness while attempting to work, drum, be in relationship, sell a house, and move to a new city can make anyone a bit crazy. I took the time I needed to recover, am finally living in Seattle, and working on a new book (female archetypes in film; details soon). I am also resolved not to let the very misinformed press influence my book; I created a new website for Sabina Spielrein and will be updating it soon in hopes of reclaiming her (any my own) narrative. An amazingly insightful review was given in the Oxford University…

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    Day #15

    Packing up to go home 🙁 Listening to Primus (our first show in Seattle this summer) while disassembling my electric kit to pack into the car for our drive “home” until returning to Seattle, our new home. Woo! But sad little parts strewn about the floor…saying goodbye to this temporary house-sitting gig is bittersweet. It’s been an amazingly musical summer, when what I thought I’d be here doing (writing) turned into joining a band, coupled with an insatiable need to improve my drumming. But, after two months, I finally started to clean–the day before leaving, of course–and found my original practice pad! So, in between cleaning the kitchen and bedrooms, I set…